About Prino

Robert "prino" Prins
Prino in Milan
is a 61-year old Dutch hitchhiking grandfather of four.

His recorded hitchhiking career started on 16 June 1980 at 07:47 and he has hitched 634,640.5 km in the following 33 countries:

Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Ireland, Japan, San Marino, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Andorra.

He has also been to the USA on two occasions, visiting Austin and New York, and a few years ago, on his way to a wedding of friends in Spain, he spent a few hours in Monaco, but he has not done any hitchhiking during those visits.

He's fluent in Dutch and English, more than capable of speaking German and knows enough French to survive when dropped in the middle of nowhere in France.

Some personal hitchhike records/statistics

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Daily life

In his daily life he is an analyst programmer using IBM's z/OS with more than 35 years of experience in PL/I and somewhat less in Db2, CICS, REXX and IDMS. He is the author and maintainer of a set of REXX execs that can be used to convert legacy languages into HTML. He is also, since February 2003, the maintainer of the mini-FAQ for the comp.lang.pascal.borland Usenet newsgroup.

He is currently "between contracts". A CV is available on request.


The origins of "prino"?

The name "prino" was "given" to him in 1974 by his chemistry teacher, Eelco Hessling. When going through the names in his teachers notebook, he could not read his own handwriting, called "Robert Prins" "Robert Prino". The name was taken over by a few of his classmates and has stuck ever since.