Prino’s 24-hour record

In 1989 Prino set a 24-hour world record for hitchhiking. It was mentioned in the 1991 UK edition of the Guinness Book of Records. (You can read the two letters from Guinness that resulted in the record being included here)

Note that if you look at an actual copy of the Guinness Book of Records from 1991 (on page 179), you will see that the people of Guinness wrongly converted the 2,318.4 km to 1,440.7 miles, but using the “spare” “6” in the text, Prino carefully converted this to the correct 1,440.6 miles.

Famous for 15 minutes…

Here are the full details of the four rides that gave him his “15 minutes of fame”.

1991 Guinness Book of Records entry

Trip 10, ride 22

Trip 10, ride 23

Trip 10, ride 24

Initial 24-hour record: 2,300.1 km in a driving time of 20:53, giving an average speed of 110.1 km/h.

Trip 10, ride 25

Final 24-hour record: 2,318.4 km in a driving time of 20:27, giving an average speed of 113.4 km/h.

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