A hitchhiking map of Brexitania

Prino has done a fair bit of hitchhiking in this country, TCFKAUK. (With apologies to the late and lamented Prince Rogers Nelson).

The motorways of Brexitania

He moved to TCFKAUK after his longest trip in October 1990, the result of finding a London published magazine in a hostel in İstanbul, that contained two job ads mentioning PL/I, the programming language he's been using since 1985.

After spending six miserable weeks at an airline company, where even moving the cursor on the screen required pressing two keys, he moved to Ipswich, where he joined Willis (or Willis Faber and Dumas as it was known at the time), in January 1996.

Not wasting much time, and of course 1996 is one of those years, he hit the road for the first time on 29 February (yes, we're talking about leap years), and hitched up to the north, went down a bit to the south, back up a bit to the north, getting back to Ipswich just over just under 28 hours later, having covered just under 1,500 km.

This zig-zagging would become his style in TCFKAUK, after all, the country is only so long and narrow…

His two favourite places became Land's End and John O'Groats, he got to the former four times, and the latter six times. He never got close to the fastest time recorded in the Guinness Book of Records (17:08), and failed to ever do the return trip.

He did however manage, in 5 days of May madness in 2000, to make his first trip where the average distance per day exceeded 1,000 km, a feat repeated only(?) 15 more times in the next 212 trips, although never again for a trip longer than four days.

In total Prino had 712 rides entirely in TCFKAUK, and 12 that went out, or came into the country, and covered more than 63,000 km. Average speed was also pretty good, only Germany and Belgium (and the statistical anomaly of Switzerland, with only a hitched distance of just over 500 km) are faster.

His last trip in the country was a bit out of the ordinary, he replied to a posting on C$ from a French student who was going to study in Scotland, and living in her own van, as normal accomodation was way too expensive. The problem was that she didn't have a driving license! So Prino hitched to France, she(!) drove to Dieppe in the night, and Prino drove most of the way to Edinburgh. (Yes, despite not having a license she took over for a while, noticing the Prino was getting a bit tired, Newhaven to Edinburgh is more than 900 km!)

As for the maps Prino's used in TCFKAUK, there was the big Ordonance Survey one, but for someone who spent virtually all of his time on the motorways, the one on the right was a lot easier to carry around in a small plastic cover that would easily fit in his hitchhiking notebook. Prino hereby donates it to the public domain, feel free to update it with a few more Motorway Services, for one, the M40 is no longer devoid of them!

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